BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

ack ... what a day

Man ... ended up spending 4 hours up at the church working on the web site. When I hooked them up with AT&T's i495 plan (to save money ... just $4.95/month for dial-up and hosting) I was not clued in to the fact that you can't MANAGE any of that unless you're on the computer with their software. So, I can't FTP, I can't tweak the e-mail (heck, right now I can't even READ the e-mail, although I supposedly should be able to access it remotely), etc. Anyway, the site's up ... it's not very impressive yet (and a lot of it is now way out of date ... I did most of this back in November ... and now I can only update things when I can get up there), but it's HERE. We're getting a couple of domains set up for that now, which will pretty much just re-direct there.

The Wife was up there today for an Education Committee meeting ... every time she gets out of the house and talks to folks she gets a bug about MOVING. I dont' want to move, Daughter #1 doesn't want to move, but The Wife seems to think "the grass is greener" anywhere else. I wish I could make her see that this is just continuing pathology on her part ... before we got married she never lived any place longer than about 18 months (the joke was "move when the windows get dirty") and she's so doped up with anti-depressants that I don't think she KNOWS what she wants ... it's just reactive "me uncomfortable ... me want to not be uncomfortable ... me here ... this must be uncomfortable place ... me want to move". Part of the problem is that she grew up in the suburbs and has NO "mental image" of kids growing up in the city ... hell, when I was Daughter #1's age we were living in an aparment on 79th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan ... growing up in city is ALL that I know. Something tells me we might "reach a compromise" where SHE MOVES ... right now I refuse to even listen ... we paid off our mortgage, so our monthly costs are just the assessment and taxes ... ALL our other costs are going to stay relatively constant (life insurance, health insurance, etc.) no matter where we go ... and unless we move to BUTT FUCK EGYPT our housing costs are going to double if not triple. Where does she get off thinking it would be "better"? Damn ... I wish I could get a hold of her psychiatrist and get her on some SENSIBILITY pills! Right now she wants to move out to an area on the NorthWest side where you can still find 3-6 flats for 2-3 hundred grand. Yeah? But what about the schools? We are a half a block away from an International Baccalaureate program grade school. Our house is PAID FOR. We live in the BEST PART OF THE CITY. What is the problem? Oh, yeah, if she wasn't spending money like a drunken sailor every time she got nervous, maybe we wouldn't be seeing $5,000/month credit card bills .... but NOOOOOO .... it's ME and where we live ... If we just MOVED somewhere, it would all be OK. Oh, shut up bitch and drink another fucking bottle of chardonnay!

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