BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

how odd ...

The L.J. clock/calendar must be off ... that post I just made (and this is Friday morning 4/1) shows it as being yesterday and the post I made yesterday shows up as having been posted on Wednesday! I mean, I can understand if there is some funkiness in the clock, but the times look to be right, just the day is off! I wonder if this is some subtle "LJ April Fools Joke" and that these will "fix themselves" when we get past today.

Hmmm ... when I comment on other folks' posts, I see the correct date ... I can't imagine that just MY journal is "broken", so I'm hoping that this is some mind-fuck bit of coding to mess with users (who bother to notice) today.

{further edit}
Well, the consensus opinion seems to be that my computer somehow, while keeping the right time, managed to lose a day somewhere along the line! Hmmm ... checking my system clock, this does appear to be the case ... how could that happen? I guess I just need to see how far back I need to change the date on entries here.

{an additional edit}
OK, so it was just the past couple of day's posts. How odd!

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