BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another MUST READ article ...

Saw this referenced over in antitheism, and it rocks ...

The End of Reason

Some choice quotes:
Organized religion elevates superstition to an entirely new level, so let's call its institutions by their proper name: superstition-based institutions.
...when it comes to organized religion, no burden of proof is required. On the contrary, by definition, religion requires faith and faith renounces evidence. Taking a proposition "on faith" means to consciously and willfully refuse to examine the facts.
It is long past time we stopped giving a free pass to organizations that refuse to be guided by reason and would force their unreason on the entire society ...
... organized religion has declared its intention to use its influence far beyond its congregation. The politicization of religion and the rise of a superstition-driven state may be the most important development in this country in many, many decades.
The central problem with organized, assertive religion, of course, is that it endows superstition with a moral and messianic fervor. God-directed superstition can be a lethal force.    ... condoning the use of superstition as an important social force enables and encourages extremism. "The concessions we have made to religious faith," he maintains, "to the idea that belief can be sanctified by something other than evidence -- have rendered us unable to name, much less address, one of the most pervasive causes of conflict in our world."

And people wonder why I don't trust Christians!

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