BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Deals ... gotta love 'em!

OK, so it's not in the "1/7th of retail" sweet spot (but that's darnded hard to do with Pokemon card packs!), but I just got a bunch of the newest "Deoxys" set for Daughter #1 which ended up coming it at 1/3 of local pre-tax retail, including shipping. Go me!

I really wasn't looking to spend the money, but it was "one of those eBay things" ... I was doing the per-pack math, and the auctions had some bids in that had not reached the "reserve price" yet. I did an "exploratory" bid to see where that might break, and suddenly I was the winning bidder. At that point I knew what the reserve was (it was either $11.99 or an even $12 for 10 packs), and wanted to avail myself of reduced shipping, so I bid on another identical auction with a figure just enough to clear the reserve.

What tickles me is that I "beat out" a card shop/dealer on both of these, one by $0.50 (5¢ a pack!) and the other by $0.42 (just over 4¢ per pack). With the combined shipping, I ended up paying just under $1.50 per pack, which is not too bad for the latest release ... I'll need to figure some "special" occasion to spring these on #1 ... she loves it when I get her packs to open!

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