BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"Because all the cool kids ..."

Well, actually, I've only seen blonnie post one, but she says "everyone else is doing it" and I just love satellite shots! This seems to be a promo meme for the new Google Maps, but it is cool that they're offering the satellite pics like MapQuest used to.

Here's my neighborhood:

The box is around "Newberry Plaza" and we live in the high-rise that the arrow points to (which is casting a very long rectangular shadow). In the upper right corner is Oak Street Beach, with Lake Shore Drive curving around it, and Michigan Avenue running into that. The street which is inside the right edge of the red box is State St., and the diagonal street running into it is Rush St., the street inside the bottom of the box is actually Oak St. (the beach is, obviously, a good bit north of it).

And, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today!

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