BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

forgetting stuff ...

Man ... of all the many, many, things I miss my Mom for, one of the most irritating is that she was my "repository of dates" ... I am horrible at keeping thing sorted out like that ... I'm lucky if I can keep the data about The Wife's and The Girl's birthday's in my head, let alone all other things like that.

This came up today when I realized that I was hitting "my anniversary" at this address. But now I can't recall WHAT the exact date was. I'm thinking it was either 4/3-4 or 4/11, but I can't find anything referencing it. I used to KNOW this stuff, but it all slips away. Anyway, it's been just about 24 years since I moved in here ... I spent 10 years in a 1-bedroom down on the 2nd floor, and then The Wife and I bought this place up here. Being that I'm 47.5, I've now spent just over half my life at this address (which is convenient ... nobody has had to update my contact info for nearly a quarter century!). I just wish I could recall the particulars. I know I was supposed to move in at the beginning of the month, but the renter that was in the unit was having problems getting out, so we let them slide a few days. Bleh.

I also think this is near the anniversary of The Wife and I having our first date ... thank goodness we picked the Winter Solstice for our wedding, so I always have a pretty close fix on when that anniversary comes! I just was looking back in my LJ "caledar view" and couldn't find any mention of any of this stuff. I guess I need to start burdening you all with these pesky details just so I have them written down some place I can find them again!

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