BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A Beautiful Day In the (extended) Neighborhood ...


The Wife decided that The Girls needed more "sports" sorts of activities, so signed them up for various things (which, I, of course, have to adapt my schedule around) ... this started with "Kindergarten Soccer" yesterday with Daughter #2. While "not far" from her daycare, it was still a hike, probably the better part of a mile to get from point A to point B. When we got there, we found that there were about 40 little kids and ONE "coach" running the show. Needless to say, chaos ensued ... especially since few of the kiddies had the slightest idea about what was involved in the game other than trying to kick the ball somewhere. The guy ended up splitting the kids up into three groups and letting one set "play" while the other two sets "practiced". At least it was a pretty day (see pic).

Today is the start of Daughter #1's softball deal ... which is going to be interesting also, since I don't know if she's ever actually played softball (they may have at school, I know the older kids do have games going on the playground from time to time). One of the problems of having Moody Loners for one's parents is that they don't have any friends, so there is no built-in community of kids with which to play (poor #1 ... it takes her over a week to get a playdate scheduled with any of her little friends!).

Then, tomorrow morning, #1 starts on Fencing (the "European" kind, with epees ... not the "urban" kind with stolen goods), assuming we can FIND the place where that's supposed to happen. I can tell she's going to end up dreading Saturdays, as she'll be doing back-to-back Fencing and Dojo each week (even though she opted for Fencing due to it's "working with" the other martial arts stuff)!

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