BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Stop the presses!

As long-time readers of this space will no doubt recall, I have been operating under certain restrictions on my L.J. content, specifically, The Wife has expressed her strong (if somewhat paranoid) preference that I not mention her or The Girls by name, nor post any pictures of my family on-line (since, you know, the Internet is full of dangerous perverts). While I have acceded to her wishes in this matter, it saddens me, as my daughters are quite photogenic, and they're on the right side of the lens most of the time (as opposed to those few-and-far-between shots of myself).

However, today I have a pic of Daughter #1 that I figured The Wife could not complain about my posting! Although I've not been able to post any shots of her getting belt promotions at Dojo, or performing in plays, or riding her bike/scooter, I think I'm OK in putting up this pic of her first day at Fencing!

This was taken on Saturday morning when we finally found the place where her class happens ... it was more convenient to transportation than I had thought, but as far as scheduling is concerned, it sort of sucks, as Daughter #1's fencing class lets out 2 hours before Daughter #2's Dojo class starts, but is "half way there", meaning that either we have to come back home for less than an hour, or drag #2 with us and then kill time up by Dojo. We did the former this weekend and just barely made it up to Dojo on time. However, having us head out the door at 8:30 every Saturday morning is not likely to be too popular with anybody ... The Girls, because it's awfully early; The Wife, because that leaves her to do the groceries alone; and me, because I'm just generally cranky. But you knew that.

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