BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

a random eBay gripe ...

I feel a lot of animosity towards a lot of different sorts of assholes on eBay, but I just hit one of these things and had to vent ... I mean, what are these idiots thinking? I suspect that there are "get rich on eBay" manuals out there which encourage would-be sellers to price their stuff way low and then totally soak the buyer on shipping charges (since eBay doesn't get a cut on shipping, they "make all the money" for the sale there) and in doing so "reel in" buyers too stupid to check out what shipping is going to be on an item. But, come on ... I just saw an auction that was trying to charge nearly eight bucks to ship out four cards! These could have been individually put in hard plastic sleeves and stuck in an envelope for $0.60 ... there is no excuse other than trying to defraud either the buyer or eBay by this sort of pricing scheme.

Now, the seller had an opening bid of only a penny on these, and, admittedly, the cards in this particular auction might be "worth" the cost of shipping (although 3 of them were only $0.30 each on the "high site", the fourth was a fairly rare promo that is listed anywhere from $7.99 to $15.00 on various sites), the entire structure of this auction is set up to either dupe some uninformed buyer into bidding for something which is essentially "retail cost" by the time the shipping's added, or to keep from paying eBay what should be their cut of the total sale, or both.

Why do people feel a need to CHEAT all the time? I mean, from otherwise decent people blatantly stealing (downloading) hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of other people's Intellectual Property without compensation, to people setting up schemes to keep from paying a handful of change to eBay for using their services, it seems that everybody is out working some damn hustle or another. It makes me sick to think how little personal responsibility counts for any more. It's all about "what you can get away with" without being penalized ... it's like ethics and morality have completely ceased to exist. Bleh ... makes me hate being human.

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