BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Minneapolis folks ...

Hey, I'm going to be up there the weekend of April 20-22 for the Unicity "Rolling Launch" (there are 8 regional meetings instead of one national meeting this spring) meeting there. Unfortunately, the conference is going to actually be in Bloomington (down at the Radisson Hotel South ... although I'm saving some $$$ by staying across the street at the "Select Inn"), so I'm probably going to be quite a "fur piece" from most of you.

Anyway, due to the funky flights that I ended up with, I'm going to have quite a bit of time to kill. I get in at 9:15am on Friday, and the conference program doesn't start till 7:00pm, so I'll have pretty much all day on Friday, and then the meeting breaks on Saturday at 4:00pm, and I don't have anything to do (well, sleep is always an option) until my insanely-early-in-the-morning flight at 7:00am on Sunday.

So, if any of you Mps/StP folks have had an itch to meet me "IRL" ... I'm going to be open to suggestions. I will not, however, have wheels, so this will need to be figured into the equation!

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