BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Can't win for losing, eh?

I don't get it ... I have not posted anything abrasive, confrontational (well, unless you count getting "103% Republican" on that silly quiz a few posts back), rabidly hostile, or nuthin' of late, yet I've been having folks "dropping like flies" off of my Friends-Of list ... what's up with that?

What I really don't get is some of the recent-on / recent-off folks ... people who added me, had some very positive exchanges, and then out of the blue, with no explanation or apparent reason at all, dropped me after a month or so.

Now, looking over the past few weeks, I have been posting a lot of "mundane" or "what I've been up to" kinds of entries ... which have not been the bread-and-butter of my LJ journalling. Am I boring people out the door?

Should I go back to gratuitous rabid political ranting? Frankly, while I have certain strongly held opinions about a lot of stuff in the news, most of it would get "low weighting scores" if it was on a quiz that let you tag the "how important to you" variable. For instance, while I think the Democrats suck whole sewers worth of shit for the damn judicial filibuster, it's low on my "personal gripe" scale (not being particularly fond of the idea of having a bunch of folks with Xtian Fundy leanings "on the bench"). And while I do get my own undies in a knot about the grossly slanted reporting of the likes of the AP and the L.A. Times (oh, go read my Friends List for details), bitching about liberal MSM distortions (unless particularly egregious, like "Rathergate") it is about as useful as bitching about how the Catholic Church decides which old man is suddenly infallible!

I don't know ... I can understand it if some people of "delicate sensibilities" drop me when I'm in full foam-at-the-mouth "kill 'em all!" freak-out, but it just plain confuses me when I get dumped when I'm playing nice and "sharing".

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