BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

This is just NOT my night ...

OK, so I surf over to eBay to "see what I can see" and I successfully re-load the "My eBay" page, load my favorite searches in a new tab, and see what comes up. WHAT? ... a fabulous deal on something that I've wanted to get for Daughter #2 ... just about a minute to go, I scroll down, plug in a bid, hit enter ... and have to wait three minutes for the goddamn sign-in screen to show up! MOTHERFUCKER! Was I not signed in when you recognized me on all those other steps? Now, when I need fast action you're making me jump through hoops? Damn. And, if that's not enough ... once I finally get through to the confirmation page (which is, of course, telling me that the auction is ended), I go back to the item description to see if the seller might have another auction like it up ... and when I get to their "store" what do I see? Another very tempting auction that by the time it loads has already closed! I tell you, if eBay was a live body it would be missing most of its fucking teeth rigth now!

Well, at least I've had my adrenaline charge for the evening. I just wasn't planning on going from "I'm sleepy, let me check this out before I go to bed" to "I want to kill something with my bare hands, dammmit!" in five minutes.

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