BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

Oh, man ... this bug that's been running around (about 1/4 of Daughter #1's school had it last week) finally caught up with me last night. The main symptoms are being wiped out and feeling queasy. I, of course, was trying to get all the Mothers Day stuff set up around here, but figured if I didn't force myself to go to sleep for a few hours, I was going to blow chow, so I crashed out in the living room and got up at 4:30am to finish stuff (involving going 4 blocks over to the Jewel to pick up flowers, bring them home and get them in a vase). Anyway, everything was done by 5:30, and I crashed again, only to be woken up by The Girls at 7:30 who were gung-ho on doign breakfast in bed for their mom. I managed to drag myself out and take care of that (even though The Wife, who's had this bug the past couple of day, was not much into eating). We ge that done, do the gifties and cards, and the The Wife and I crashed out for a few more hours. The Girls were insistent about doing something, so their mom took them over to the beach, and I got several more hours of sleep in. By late this afternoon I was at least plausible for going out to dinner. I had gotten us 6:15 reservations at WildFire (Oprah's restaurant), and we had a nice, if less-than-enthusiastic dinner. Neither The Wife nor I could make much a dent in our food, so we just took everything left to go. We ended up walking home (it's about nine blocks or so) and all pretty much collapsed. Right now it's pretty much in the mid-80's in much of the apartment, so I'm hoping some breeze picks up here soon.

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