BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So. Tired.

Maaaaan ... This was the week The Wife and I had tagged for getting these 25,000 flyers about our Summer Programs out to the various schools in and around our ClubZ! territory. We'd tracked down the attendance numbers for most of the schools and over the weekend I divvied up the 25k into stationary boxes and large envelopes (if the school needed 250 or less it went in an envelope) with appropriately sized stacks o'propaganda, got everything labeled, etc., etc., etc.

The Wife had expanded our list of schools, so along with these flyers, we were also doing intro packages to a few dozen, plus a list of new counselors at various schools. We were directing the flyers to the school principals, so I had one letter to do a mail merge on for previously-contacted schools, one for new schools, and one for new counselors (plus a few that needed special tweaking).

We'd dropped stuff off a number of times at the "old" schools, so I knew where they were, but suddenly realized last night that I was going to have to figure out where the new ones (only two of which were actually in our territory) were and how best to get there. I was up messing with Mapquest until 5am, got two hours of sleep, then did all of the letters (I had to write one from scratch, edit two, and merge three lists, print the letters and run envelopes) this morning. Just as well as I had inadvertently left in the default noon time for the rental car pick-up when I put in the reservation, as I got done with all that stuff at 11:45am!

Anyway, I'd learned from previous drop-stuff-at-the-schools junkets to segment supplies rather than try to load everything into the car, so we selectively packed stuff up (since we only had a half day to run around today, we opted for the "south" schools and the "central" schools, leaving the "north", "far north", and "what the hell was she thinking putting that on the list?" schools for the next few days) and headed out. Remarkably, in about four hours, we got all but one school's stuff dropped off. The last stop we made was to pick up Daughter #1 from her after-school art class (and dropping off their stuff at the same time). We'd previously picked up #2 and I was initially going to drop off The Wife and #2 at the school and run around the block a few times, but just as I was about to take off down the street a car pulled out from a meter right across the street (a spot only a couple of blocks from our place), so I took it as a sign from The Gods and snagged that then and there.

I had been planning on going to the Libertarian Party of Chicago monthly meeting tonight (and The Wife had even changed one of her appointments so I could go), but due to my operating on 2 or so hours of sleep, I figured taking the parking space and an early bedtime was the best option. The only problem is that it's a 9pm meter, so I've had to head out once already and have one more quarter-spewing expedition to go before I can snooze.

I figure it's going to be at least two more days of driving around before we get all this stuff distributed. So if I'm not "Mr. Responsive" here in L.J. land it's because I'm AFK and adding an element of unpredictability of the mean streets of Chicago.

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