BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh .. Friday the 13th

I sure hope the Friday the 13th stuff is why I felt so horrible today. It's like I ended up, with no specific "why", hung over the edge of an emotional abyss, feeling like there was no hope, "no future", and that my entire life up to now was one pointless spiral into failure. Bleh.

On a slightly better note, we did get the rest of those flyers distributed today (well, we probably have about 1,000 left over after some schools wouldn't take them and we opted to not bother with a couple of others for one reason or another). I feel, however, like I've driven to Denver this week, which is appoximately how far I'd have gotten if the hours spent driving around had been spent on the highway instead of weaving in and out of neighborhoods in Chicago.

On a much better note: GUACAMOLE! After we got the last few schools we'd missed "near" our territory yesterday (they were letting out by the time we got there, which is a nightmare for trying to drop stuff off), we headed out west to get to some of these other schools that The Wife had identified as being good targets, taking Belmont past the Mexican grocery right under 90/94 ... and they once again had 3/$1 avocados. So, on our way back downtown we stopped in and picked up stuff ... I currently have about 5 lbs of very yummy guacamole made with less than $10 worth of supplies ($5 of avocados, 50¢ worth of cilantro, 50¢ worth of limes, a big onion, a jar of hot salsa, and some pre-chopped garlic from the big jar in the fridge)! I froze half of it and we had some with dinner ... going to have this for a couple of days. Yum!

Having spent three and a half days on this distribute-the-flyers project, both The Wife and I are WAY behind on everything else, though. I am still looking at stuff on my desk that I'd promised to fax back to folks on Monday, plus having two projects that I'd hoped to have had finished by now that I've not even been able to get the specs done on to send to the corporate art department to get graphics to go to the printer (I guess I'm going to have to figure out a plan B for stuff ot hand out at this info thing next weekend). Except for having more guacamole than anybody else, it sucks to be me today.

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