BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Brrrrrrr ....

Just got back from standing around in the Chinatown Parking lot for two hours while we waited for somebody to come and break into the rental car for us. It seems that The Wife pulled into the parking space, put the car in park, and got out ... making sure, of course, that The Girls had locked up their doors.

After we went and had a nice little Dim Sum lunch, we're heading back to the car and she asks me "do you have the car keys?", to which I reply "why would I have them, you were driving" ... more rustling around in purse, pockets, etc. follows.

Yes, The Wife had indeed left the car running in park the whole time we were at lunch. And, of course, we were locked out of said car, plus my jacket was in the trunk (and it was about 50°, overcast and breezy), We call Enterprise's "roadside assistance" (I wonder how much THAT's going to cost), and get bumped from them to AAA to a local towing company, who a couple of cold aggrivating hours later shows up with a big flatbed truck. Once the guy was there it took all of about 2 minutes for him to lever the door, slip in a pump-up expander pad, and slide a hook thing through the resulting gap to pop the lock.

Not a happy day. We're already into Enterprise for $500 (they stuck The Wife with some "ding" that she swears she didn't have anything to do with, after renting with the card that we don't have any coverage on), and I'm not looking forward to what this is going to run. Bleh.

Oh, and I was is a dark and dismal mood to START the day ... so you can imagine where I'm at now!

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