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Of course they speak to me ...

Well, that's a fine how-di-doo from the folks in the "other realms". As regular readers of this space have no doubt noticed, I have NOT been in the finest of moods of late. Well, while in search of some other information (yes, I am just anal enough that when I use a technical term that I can not specifically define at the moment, I do make the effort to look it up) I ran across the following. Now, I have not been "particularly Buddhist" for a very long while, but this struck me with the same obvious truth that Crowley's Liber OZ did a week or so back ... and I found this oddly quite comforting.

The Eightfold Path consists of:
      (1) right understanding - faith in the Buddhist view of the nature of existence in terms of the Four Noble Truths;
      (2) right thought - the resolve to practice the faith;
      (3) right speech - avoidance of falsehoods, slander, or abusive speech;
      (4) right action - abstention from taking life, stealing, and improper sexual behaviour;
      (5) right livelihood - rejection of occupations not in keeping with Buddhist principles;
      (6) right effort - avoidance of bad and development of good mental states;
      (7) right mindfulness - awareness of the body, feelings, and thought; and
      (8) right concentration - meditation.

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