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Hey, I haven't been posting much, because we've been running like crazy the past couple of weeks (I was off chained to a copier all morning gettng stuff ready for presentations tomorrow and Friday), but I got a moment to sit down at my desk, and after looking at my e-mail I decided to take just a peek over on eBay. Heh!

Well, I found a bunch of "reverse holo" cards for Daughter #1 ... I'd been feeling bad that almost all my recent eBay scores have been stuff for #2, and had been making excuses that "nothing seems to be showing up" there of late. Anyway, this particular auction was closing in a scant few minutes, so I was amazed that my "exploratory bid" came in over the top of the previous high bidder, and was thrilled that it won. The auction was for 35 cards with a "street price" (according to my "low reference site") of $110.00 and I got them, with shipping, for just $7.58 ... now, she only "needed" 12 out of those 35, but the "value" of those 12 cards was $51.00, still putting the deal right at my "target" 1/7th of retail ... meaning the other 23 cards (going into the "trading binder") were pure gravy!

Ah, I do so love a deal!

Aren't you glad I bothered posting?

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