BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

silly eBay ...

It happens every few months, and I have the same strange mixed reaction of amusement and irritation each time ... eBay shows up with both an e-mail and a "message" on the main eBay page trying to entice me into selling stuff. The stuff that they're suggesting I sell is stuff that I've bought there ... of course, most of my eBay purchases are low-bid wins on relatively low-priced items, so most of the time I see this pitch crowing about how I could "Earn up to $0.45!" (although this time they combined three Gameboy cartridges I'd won for Daughter #1 and came up with a whopping "Earn up to $7.91!"). You would think that they'd put a filter on this and would simply not bother sending these stupid things out unless the figure was substantially more that what one could expect to get from an hour of panhandling! Plus, if I went through the effort to buy these things on eBay, one would think it would be likely that it was because I had a need/want for those items, so why would I (some weeks later) now want to be rid of them? Silly eBay!

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