BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Saw a movie ...

It was supposed to be all thunderstorms and stuff today, so I dragged The Girls off to a movie. Just about the only option we had (being that #2 had already seen Kicking & Screaming and I have a very low tolerance of whats-his-name who stars in that ... and I don't mean Ditka) was Hitchhikers Guide, so we popped on the El and then on the Fullerton bus, fed them at the BK at Fullerton & Southport, and walked the 4 blocks to the Webster Place theaters, stood in a LONG line of people looking to see SW3, and eventually got into our seats a few minutes before the previews.

I liked the movie well enough. As I predicted, having read the books some decades back (and not having been exposed to either the radio play or the BBC TV version), my recall of the source material was sketchy enough that I was able to follow along with the general brushstrokes and the occasional "oh, yeah ... I remember that". The Girls, however, both thought "it stank", there not being all that much action or much else they could get a handle on. I found it amusing, "sweet", and just twisted enough to hold my attention. I would have appreciated a few things being better fleshed out, but in general didn't feel I'd wasted my time in seeing it. If I'm not mistaken, the action takes them through the first two books, and the ending certainly felt like a "sequel segue" ... does anybody know if they're taking the other books to do a follow-up?

Anyway, while we were in the theater, it turned from a thunderstorm day into a bright, sunny & warm day, so we're heading back out to the park ... all of my indoor "get things done while it rains" plans changing with the weather!

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