BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More eBay ... you don't care

OK, so I was pissed about "losing" those 8 cards last night. Aside from the general "nobody cares what Brendan thinks/wants" vibe around here, what pissed me off was that those cards went for very little, a dime here, sixteen cents there, with only a few pushing a half a buck. I could have swept in with $0.66 bids on each and probably picked up most of them (of course, one never knows ... some of the 10¢ winning bids might have been the short side of a multi-buck max). It's funny that had they been going "out of my target range", it wouldn't have bothered me missing them, but as it was ... grrrrrrrrr!

Anyway, I had also been watching 17 other cards from the same seller which close over a 24-hour span from Saturday to Sunday evening. Although I hate going in with early bids, I didn't want to have an "AFK situation" screw me over again, so shot in bids on all of those.

Except for two, all of these were at a penny, and only two others had any bids, so I was able to go in with low "placekeeper" bids about 1/3 of what I'd actually be bidding on these. Right now I'm "winning" on the 13 that didn't have any bids, and am "losing" on the other four. I shifted my bid pattern around a bit on the ones that had bids in, so that I wasn't "showing my hand" on bid levels, going in 11¢ lower, which would allow folks to target my visibile level yet leave me room to come in over the top still without having to go needlessly higher.

I hope to be able to pick up at least 8 of these, as the seller has relatively high shipping charges (even on multiple wins) which puts the shipping higher than what I'd prefer to pay for the cards if one's only winning 4 or less at a time ... as it is, the cards are "worth" (depending on the reference site) between $5.00 and $69.99 each (yeah, the "they must be high" site has a card going for $70 that's listed for just $12 on the "low reference site"!), so it's hard to hit my "1/7th of retail" target if I'm paying a buck a card for shipping!

Yeah, I know ... I'm blithering and nobody gives a shit!

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