BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whew ...

Got two major projects out the door in the past 24 hours ... one it a new postcard for a "summer program" mailing we've been thinking of doing, the other is finalizing our "Rewards for Referrals" pitch. I'm pissed at our rep over at our main bank, as I described exactly the Gift Card program this other bank had and he didn't make a peep. It was just when this other bank had a display at their new location up by The Girls' dojo that I discovered it. Dude ... we're not going to undo months of work setting things up with your bank to run off to Bank #2 just for their card program ... but we NEED to get those cards!

We'd been sort of held up on this "Rewards" program because on the bottom end it got pretty fuzzy. Sure, it's easy enough to say "with 8 referrals you get an LCD TV" or "with 3 referrals you get a 1gig iPod" (especially since the odds of somebody actually driving that much business our way is slim), but the "$50 Gift Card" option for a single referral was a pretty good bet for something that we'd be having to produce. The corporate stuff had all this crap about restaurant cards, store cards, etc., etc., etc., and it sounded like a nightmare to have to go chase down that according to the whim of the referrer, so we were kind of hung up on this until we found these Master Card gift cards.

All I needed to do was to put a couple of hundred in to set up a free checking account at this new bank, then I can go on-line and order the cards whenever we need them ... in whatever denomination we need (which also means that if somebody does drive 3 clients our way, I can just cut the card for the cost of the iPod rather than trying to figure out if Best Buy or Circuit City or Target or whatever is better for the recipient!). Needless to say, I'm thrilled to have this particular snag removed, and I can now get rolling with the various targeted out-reaches to folks who might be able to help drive some business our way!

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