BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wheee ... I got INK!

Geez ... those P.R. habits are sure hard to break ... but it's still a charge to "get ink" ... in this case it's a letter that I sent to the Chicago Trubune Sports pages last weekend, needling them about their "let's get everybody on the White Sox bandwagon" efforts over the past month or so. And, not only did they print it ... it was the lead of this Saturday's letter section!

While the letter was slightly edited (that header isn't mine, I swear!), except for the linkage between The Rush and highschool tennis (I guess I was a bit too wordy in framing alteratives to the Sox), it's pretty much what I sent them.

This is the second letter I've had printed in the past few years (actually, I think I'm batting 100% on getting these in ... might be all those years of writing P.R. copy), the previous one going to their Architecture critic who was bemoaning the lack of easy parking at the Museum campus (I suggested that it was a good idea from the standpoint of Chicagoans, encouraging suburbanites to park elsewhere and take convenient public transportion down there rather than clogging up the lakefront with their damn cars!). Ah, some days I really miss being in the biz.

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