BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Can I rave?

Hey, I just put in an order with these guys, and I've been amazed at what we've been able to get. A while back I tried (we're still not 100% there) to switch ALL of the printers in the house (well, all the ink-jets) to units taking the BCI24 cartridges. Aside from the fact that you can get a photo-quality Canon printer using those for about $50, I've been able to find various sources for non-brand-name versions of the catridge (which makes a huge difference in costs), and these guys seem to have the best deal.

Now, the BCI24C "retails" for as much as $20 and the BCI24B as much as $15 ... and I was sick of seeing those kinds of ink costs (why I gave up on Lexmark printers ... no generics!). After poking around on the web over the past year, I'd initially found various sources for "compatible" versions (like Amazon Imaging at $5.71 each for Black, and $10.71 for color) of the BCI24's before eventually discovering the "generics".

Anyway, after trying a couple of other "generic" cartridge suppliers, I stumbled onto Omnipro ( ... not only do they have reliable "generic" BCI24 cartridges very cheap (I most recently spent $1.85 each for black and $3.10 for color), but they also have free shipping on orders over ten bucks! I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be spending only 1/3 of what I had been on the "compatible" cartridges, let alone what I'd have been spening on the Canon brand. Aside from The Wife (for some reason) preferring to do most of her day-in-day-out printing on the ink-jet rather than the laser printer (and so going through black cartridges like water), I've recently been burning through color catridges doing full-page color promo sheets for our new referral program. I've been draining a cartridge in about 35-40 pages of this, so it's nice to have the "end price" for the ink on those be as low as $3.10 (or less than 10¢ per printed piece). Thought I'd pass along the info to you all!

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