BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Grumble, grumble, grumble ...

I have got to quit making "optimistic" guesstimates about when stuff is going to get printed, especially by the wonderful folks at While I have used them for a long time (we did most of our promo pieces for the publishing biz with them), I keep believing the "2-3 days" cycle they refer to in their information, when I know from experience it's more likely "within 2 weeks".

I have a new promo piece (this time actually a post card we're going to be mailing) that I got the final art on last Wednesday ... I pulled together all the order details and uploaded everything to their on-line order module on Wednesday night, calling on Thrusday morning to make sure everything was set on that. Now, with a "2-3 day" production cycle, what did I expect ... plates set up on Thursday, printing on Friday, and cutting/boxing/shipping on Tuesday (given the long weekend)! Instead, when I called today I was told that it was "probably going to be ready on Thrusday" which tells me that they simply shelved everything that came in last week and were just getting to it now. Of course, the time for getting these out (they're pushing our summer programs) is withering away, so I'm VERY anxious to get this rolling. Plus, there's a 3-day (or more if a weekend is involved) delay for the stuff to ship from New York. So, instead of my having these on Friday (and being able to get the 2,500-piece mailing out over the weekend), I'm likely not going to see the cards until next Tuesday! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

While there are secondary projects that I can get lined up (we're sending these out to a list of highschool Coaches as well, to push on their kids who are on the verge of being "academically ineligible") and ready to mail as soon as I get the cards stuffed in them, there isn't anything I can do about that mailing until the cards are in front of me. Very, very frustrating.

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