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There was a weekend there, huh?

One of the downsides to working from home (and pretty much only watching 24/7 news channels) is that there is very little "ebb and flow" to time ... except, in our case, that involved with The Girls' school and after-school programs. This means that "big holiday weekends" tend to drift in more-or-less unnoticed, only highlighted by the presence of the children, and the absence of some mail.

The weekend "started" on noon on Friday when Daughter #1 got off from school. Now, it seems her school lets out early about every third Friday, so this was not a particularly remarkable event. I went back to my desk and she hung out playing her GameBoy while we kept an eye on the weather ... they had been predicting thunderstorms, and if it rained her softball would be canceled, which would mean I could get her and her sister up to their Friday dojo classes. However, as the go-to-the-ballfield time approached there was still no rain, so The Wife opted for picking up #2 while I did the "Softball Dad" thing.

Saturday did feel a bit like a day off since Daughter #1's 9am fencing class had been canceled due to the holiday weekend, so the first thing on our agenda was their starting-around-noon classes up at dojo. With the holiday weekend, our building's pool (which had been closed all of last summer due to construction on that side of the building) re-opened, so The Girls and The Wife headed down there in the afternoon while I took a nap! We eventually got out act together and ran off to see Madagascar which was not as bad as the critics said it was, but nowhere near the better animated things of late ... it was pretty much on a par with Shark Tale ... not horrible but no great shakes.

Time is getting short on finishing up on my Mom's place, and I've been desperate to get over there to pack more stuff up, but was not getting much help here. On Sunday, I finally convinced The Wife that she was going to have to give me a hand with shoveling out the kitchen over there. My brother and his family are coming in this weekend, and I really would have the place as much "done" as possible so that they can tag stuff they want, we can tag stuff we want, we can figure what' going into storage and figure what's going out to charities. We made decent headway there (The Wife actually first attacked the bottom of my Mom's closet which was stacked high with "hospital supplies") in a few hours' time, and then headed back home so that The Girls could go swimming again. This time *I* got the call for pool duty, and The Wife got some down time. Later we opted to go out to dinner, and decided on Goose Island Brewery ... which had pretty much something for everyone on the menu (I love their "guaranteed" chicken livers!).

On Sunday I'd called my Mom's best friend of 50 years (and gave her a bit of a start as her caller ID showed my Mom calling!) and asked if she could help out sorting through my Mom's clothes, accessories, and costume jewelry. Mom had been something of an "Imelda Marcos" with shoes and purses back in her P.R. executive days, and there was quite an array of things, some of which were "good" (Judith Lieber bags, etc.) and some of it was "knock-off" (same with her scarves), and her friend knew this stuff backwards and forwards.

Anyway, I dragged the family back over there Monday morning, and we were soon joined by Mom's buddy (who knew my Mom from before I was born). While The Wife dug into the kitchen (and The Girls dug into Mom's lipsticks and costume jewelry), we started going through stuff in her closet. Fortunately, Mom's friend is well-connected with the charity/resale crowd, and got back to me today with a source, The Cathedral Shelter, which will not only take my Mom's old stuff, but will pick it up, AND take any kitchen stuff and furniture that we want to get rid of ... this is going to simplify my life no end over the next few weeks! Anyway, after packing her off with a bunch of stuff we couldn't use (like most of the liquor closet), we headed back home and all went down to the Pool. It's great how Daughter #2 is doing swimming, especially given the minimal amount of swim classes she's been to so far. The Wife decided in "memorial" of my gourmet Mom, to do up a special dish last night for dinner, a boneless beef rib thing slow-cooked in a dutch over according to a Jean Joho recipe. Yummmm.

This morning Daughter #2 managed to convince The Wife that she was too sick to go to daycare (even though it's her last week before she gets "kicked upstairs" to Kindergarten!), so we have her hanging around today ... I can't wait to hear the negotiations when she decides she wants to go swimming. I'm heading back over to my Mom's place this afternoon to go through a few more things with her friend, and pack up another box or two of stuff that I know we're planning on sending to storage.

Gee ... how's that for an update? You were just itching to know, huh?

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