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Hell in a handbasket ...

Yep. Like that. The whole $$$ is freaking me out today. Tax stuff. You don't need to know the details ... it's not actually OUR tax stuff but "family" tax stuff ... which may create a PROBLEM for us a few months down the road. I keep cranking out the resumes, but, frankly it feels like I'm "interviewing prisons" to see what new Hell awaits me. Bleh. I wish there was "a job" that didn't sound like pure unadulterated torture, but they all do. Fuck it. Some days I think I'd be doing my family a HUGE favor by "oops!" slipping in front of the damn subway.

(sigh) I really wish I could get the RSI/Unicity business "rolling". I really enjoy this, but it's taken so long for me to build it even to the level where I have it now (no doubt a function of my own misanthropy ... sort of hard to do effective follow-up with folks who are interested if you'd rather have root-canal surgery than talk to people on the phone!). I was really hoping the whole Unicity thing was starting with more of a "bang!", but it's looking more like it's going to building to a swell, culminating with the big conference this August down in Orlando. At least with going to the Minnepolis conferencce on 4/20-21 I'll be up to speed with everything. I was going to do a post-card mailing to my big list, but I guess I'll hold of on that until I get more concrete details. I mean, right now we don't even have a print catalog, so if somebody's not on the web, what do I do, say "uh ... you'll have to wait a few months for me to get you that info"? Bleh. It looks like we'll have the new "unified" Unicity look for the web sites in June now, the "new, new" compensation plan going into effect in July, and then the new unified catalog coming at the conference in August (along with the whole new "turn back the clock" line of "anti-aging" products. Oh, well. Hey, if you want to hear a 4-minute audio blurb on this (it's good, really!) click HERE

Anyway, another poem ... wrote this the other day while Daughter #1 was at her martial arts class (she got her first belt promotion!) ... not that that has anything to do with the poem.

                    EXPAT IN DREAMTIME REALMS

                    only elements
                    of this delusion
                    only factors
                    of this decay
                    nothing comes whole
                    nothing unbroken
                    we are trapped
                    in fragmented planes

                    the center is blurred
                    the focus unset
                    we stand
                    on unsure ground
                    shifting points
                    no stasis to build
                    no calm to collect
                    no base to expand

                    we travel on vectors
                    disjointed, diverging
                    unable to know
                    which direction we go
                    all is a muddle,
                    a puree, melange
                    that leaves us unsteady
                    unready to act

                    there is a fog
                    which follows me
                    a mist which hovers
                    before my eyes
                    as though this world
                    was but a dream
                    strange and twisted
                    and nightmare-like

                    how then to move
                    across that barrier,
                    to live in worlds
                    we know as dreams,
                    which bear more promise
                    than this sad sphere
                    and offer hope
                    unknown by day?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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