BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(sigh) sometimes I just don't get eBayers' thinking ...

I won a couple of auctions last night that I probably would have not bid on except that the seller had so many up, closing right in a row, that the later ones were drawing minimal bids. These were for a dozen packs each of various Pokemon card sets, but there had to be a couple of dozen auctions up. I am certain that had the seller put one group of packs from each of the three sets he was selling up on five or six consecutive nights he would have gotten 2-3 times what he did for them. I bid on three, won two, with a per pack running about 1/3 of local retail (not as low as I'd prefer, but with the packs it's hard to get them for anything under a buck each). Of course, I'm happy to get those for Daughter #1 at that price (since she does like the "hunting" involved in seeing what's in unopened packs vs. how most of her cards come in!), but I'm sure if these were spread out over a number of nights these would have gone for at least twice what I paid.

The other "head scratcher" from last night was somebody putting up a complete set of Neo Destiny Pokemon cards. Now, they had a "buy-it-now" price on this of $175.00 (understandable, given that my "low reference site" has the "unlimited edition" versions of the 8 "Shining" cards for a total of $140, and on the "they must be high reference site" those 8 cards are listed at a total of $325.00!) but were starting the auction at $0.99 yet with a reserve. Judging from how high the bids went with still not covering the reserve, I'm guessing that they set something like a $100 reserve on this. WHY then, irritate bidders with a ninety-nine cent opening bid? Why not set the opening bid at $50, and let things go from there? There were 8 bids on this, going up to more that four times my max, and still the reserve didn't get covered. I don't get it.

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