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I should probably make this Friends-Only ...

But I've never filtered a post before ... I just hope that my Brother doesn't decide this is a good time to start reading my Journal (I've pointed him this way on several occasions as "the best way to communicate with me", but he's seemed to have ignored that so far).

I've spent most of the past several days over at my Mom's place, trying to get the last of the main packing-for-storage and packing-for-charity stuff lined up. I have been working on this on-and-off for over a year now. My Brother and his wife (and one of their daughters ... there's a "long story" there, which I may share at some point) are coming in to town on Friday, primarily to decide what furniture they want to take back east with them.

However, my Brother also informed me that "they probably want to get into the storage locker to see what they want to take". This is the FIRST mention that they were wanting any of that stuff NOW. I have carefully sorted, photographed, packed, listed, boxed, and stored hundreds of items, with the understanding that most of it was going to be waiting for The Girls (both his and mine) to get older to see what stuff of their Grandmother's they might like to keep. I am LIVID over this.

The main reason that I'm pissed off is that my sister-in-law (on that side, The Wife's sister is a sweetie), is a conniving Boston White Trash bitch, who has spent her entire marriage to my Brother trying to leech off as much as she possibly could from my Mom. The stories are endless about this self-centered twit. These started with their wedding ... she insisted that she wanted everybody else in black and just her in white, only to discover that the videotape of the wedding looked like a bunch of disembodied floating heads. What would a normal, reasonable, person do? Shrug it off, figure it was a nice time and get on with one's life? NO! She insisted that my Brother PAY FOR ANOTHER WEDDING so she could have a good videotape! I am NOT kidding. She even refused to move from Boston to live with my Brother (who was in Milwaukee) until after the second wedding happened! So, three months after the first wedding, we all had to come out to Boston again so this sack of shit could have her stupid video.

At one point my Brother was getting honored at work, and there was going to be a big fancy dinner. This bitch nagged my Mom for weeks to send out "her best jewelry" for the party. My Mom (figuring that she'd never see any of the "the good stuff" again if she sent it) opted not to, but did send out some top-notch designer "costume" stuff which was every bit as expensive as the "real" stuff. Well, my Sister-in-Law (being as ignorant as she is obnoxious) had a hissy fit about that and sent the stuff back to my Mom with an insulting note. She had to wait for my Mom to die to be able to ransack through her jewelry. When my Brother came out after my Mom died, they inexplicably brought his Mother-in-Law along as well ... and five times over the 4 days they were out, his wife and her mom made it a point of somehow managing to be alone in my Mom's place. My Mom had been "preparing to die" for a long time and had tagged, labeled, and listed a lot of stuff that was to go to various of the grand-daughters ... and had one purse where she kept all her "good stuff" ... interestingly IN that purse was a list of what was supposed to go to who ... including the diamond earrings that she'd promised my Daughter #1 ... but somehow my bitch Sister-in-Law "never found the list" but managed to walk off with all the diamond jewelry, including that promised to my daughter.

We also discovered, a few weeks later, that she and her mother had taken my Mom's furs and surruptitiously crammed them into their luggage. We only found this out when my Mom's best friend of 50 years said that she would like to buy one of my Mom's furs and we suddenly couldn't find them. When I finally got around to asking my Brother about this, he said "oh yeah, [the bitch] decided it would be safer to take those back with us"! Safer? The fucking bitch STOLE them and gave them to the other vulltures in her family!

The stories go on and on like this. I have NOTHING good to say about my Sister-in-Law, and she has my Brother totally under her thumb on these things. So, now they're coming out and she's suddenly decided that she's going to want to cherry-pick through all my Mom's stuff. FUCK THAT NOISE! I've spent a year of hard, emotionally difficult, work getting this stuff STORED, and I don't want that cunt NEAR the stuff for at least five years.

I am afraid that I'm going to finally snap and cause a permanent rift between me and my Brother. My Mom's best friend the other day was telling me that aside from my Father's early death, the worst thing to ever happen to my Mom was this little bitch marrying my Brother ... there are stories about their kids I'd like to spew here (like why only one of them is coming out ... a deliberate slight that my Mom never forgave them for), but that would "be beneath me". Somedays, though, I have bad thoughts about things I might wish to have happen to them in transit out here!

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