BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

They're gone ...

Well ... that's over.

I feel like shit ... the combination of emotional stress and getting 8 hours of sleep last night (it's counter-intuitive, but getting a "full night's sleep" makes me feel like crap because my body gets a chance to metabolize stuff that just hangs out when I'm getting 2 hours here and 3 hours there ... feels like somebody's bashed my kidneys with a hammer!) has me on the ropes.

Frankly, while I had done TONS of work at my Mom's place over the past year, to most folks it would have looked like almost nothing had changed ... I kept all the major stuff (couches, tables, lamps, etc., etc., etc.) where they'd always been, and everything was tidy except in the areas I was working, so it did have a bit of a "museum of my Mom" quality to it. Well, no more. As I noted, my sister-in-law swept through there like a tidal wave of gimme-gimme and there isn't a room that's as it was before. I now have 3.5 weeks to complete the job and get everything out, either to our place, to storage, or to charity.

My Brother is coming out the end of the month (the closing date is Friday 7/1), with one of his brother-in-laws, and they're going to rent a U-Haul to take a ton of stuff back east. We still have some question marks about what to do with some things (very expensive rugs, a very expensive chandellier, etc.) but we generally have a fix on what's going where, if not specifically how and when.

One fun thing ... yesterday my Brother and I got all the stuff out of the my Mom's storage lockers in her building ... a lot of stuff there hadn't seen the light of day since the early 70's, and we found various boxes and bags of old family pictures, etc. I haven't had a chance to systematically plow through them, but it was fun seeing stuff like pictures of my Dad from before WW2!

I think I'm going to give myself a break from that today (although The Wife has a rental car, which would make schlepping some stuff easier ... just that I don't have anything "packed for storage" at this point) and start doing a couple of cart loads a day next week. With so much stuff stripped out of there, it hardly feels like my Mom's place any more, which should make it easier for me to drag things out of there. Sad, though ... very sad.

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