BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

what a day ...

Man ... you would think that I was maybe entitled to ONE day of calm after all the fucking trauma, right? I guess not. This morning, I started in putting together a mailing list of local elementary school coaches, and got about 75% done when suddenly my UPS box squeeks and cuts power to my system, losing all the stuf I'd done so far (I'd been using WordPad so it would strip off any formatting that might come with a cut-and-paste from a web site, so it didn't have the handy auto-save thing going that would have been there with WordPerfect). I was pissed off, but figured it was just one of those things. Until it happened again when I was about half way into a second try. And then it happened again. And then again, and suddenly the UPS box was dong nothing but sqeaking and cutting power on and off to my computer. I finally got it turned off, and figured this was a sign from The Gods to finally make that switch between my old system and the new system.

So, instead of getting ANYTHING useful done today, I spent all day dragging equipment around, figuring out where most of the wires went, and setting two systems where they had not been before (the old system is currently in the dining room). This is also my first post being made via the Semagic client ... which I downloaded a while back to the new machine (I'd been using the circa 05/2000 client all this time!).

Now, I am not a particularly happy camper at the moment. I had a "full plate" between stuff I need to get finished with my Mom's place over the next couple of weeks, plus all the end-of-the-school-year (and Summer Program stuff) I need to get out for the tutoring biz. Suddenly, on top of all that, I need to get the new system up and running with all the shit I had on the old system. Like, for instance, setting up Outlook (or perhaps Thunderbird) to read my various e-mail accounts. Easy, right? Not if I don't have a CLUE about what the protocols and passwords are to set that up! Same thing for stuff like my FTP clients ... I set them up once, got them working, and have no idea what/where the info is.

The first thing I tried to do was to get AOL installed on this, but AOL 9.0 is a megalomaniacal bitch, and wants to take over your whole damn system (I don't want the damn toolbar, I don't want the fucker to auto-launch iteself to get mail ... I want to be able to double-click on a desktop icon, have the damn program run, and then go away when I hit the X!). So, I un-installed it, then created a new profile, just for AOL, tried installing it there, but THAT "bled into" the other profiles, so I un-installed it there, then I made that profile a limited user, but then couldn't install AOL 9 ... what a fucking nightmare! I've been going through stacks of stuff here looking for a copy of AOL 7 or 8 ... but at least found 6 ... so I'm going to install THAT in the AOL profile, then see it I can get it to just be there and not all over my damn computer!

In case anybody was wondering ... I'm not having a very good day, I'm not having a very good week, and the month looks like it's going to suck monkey shit as well.

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