BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Some days ...

Some days I just lose track. When messing on eBay that is NOT a good thing. I'm hoping the vendor in question has a "ceiling" for his shipping charges! Not that the per-card costs are bad, but he charges $0.50 per extra item after a $2.00 first item shipping charge ... and I've already won 14 cards (for a total of $0.78). If he doesn't "cap" his shipping (and, when you consider the size/wheight of a single card, you would think he should), I'm already looking at $8.50 in shipping (although, again, compared to "retail" on the cards, those 14 cards for $9.28 ain't bad). What has me nervous is that I'm also currently winning on another 32 cards!

(Sigh) This is what sorts out "favorite" from "less liked" vendors on eBay ... some will charge X for Y# cards, and 2X for 2Y, etc., and you can kind of nudge around your bids to minimize your shipping ... some will charge per exra card, but only a dime or a quarter or so ... some sweeties out there charge one flat fee (as little as $1.00) for however many cards you buy ... heck, some even offer free shipping (I got a lot of 32 reverse-holo cards with no shipping a few days ago) ... but there are also those out there who are looking to clobber their customers with as much shipping as they can slap on (I recall one Canadian vendor who tried to charge a $12.00 flat fee for anything he sold, and that was per-item .. you can imagine the sorts of colorful feedback he built up!).

MOST vendors do have a level where they'll max out the shipping charges, and I'm hoping that's the case here, since if I win all those other cards (which, I'll admit, I'm currently winning for a mere penny a piece!) and they stay with the stated shipping per, I'll be looking at over $24.00 in shipping. Now, I don' t know about you, but I'd be embarassed to charge $24.00 in shipping for a half-inch stack of cards ... even though it would recoup the posting fees, etc. from eBay and is certainly defensible. And, again (once more for context), all the cards in question have "street values" of $2.00 to $8.00, so getting them for $0.56 or so (with pro-rated shipping) each is still quite the deal! It just makes me a bit sick in my stomach to total up those add-on shipping costs!

Heavy sigh. Like I need to evoke MORE stress in my life! You wanna hear about the other stuff? Maybe I'll make a post later.

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