BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Uh-Oh .. I've been TAGGED!

Well, I'm usually so anti-social and cranky that I miss getting tagged on these things, but littlejohnnyp passed this Book Meme thing on to me, and I feel somehow obligated ...

1. How many books do you own?
Wow ... I'd have to "guesstimate" ... in my office I have 11 full bookcases, and various others around the house, plus boxes of books both sitting out and in storage ... I'm coming up with a figure that's at least 2,000 but could easily be well over 3,000!

2. What is the latest book you bought?
Hmmm ... as I've noted here previously, I went through a long dry spell when I read nothing but manuscripts for the publishing biz, and have a huge backlog of unread stuff (I kept buying books, even though I wasn't getting around to reading them!) going back about 10 years at this point. I know I bought something fairly recently ... what was that? Ah ... that's right ... I got Bible Code II: The Countdown at the dollar store a month or two back!

3. What is the last book you read?
That would be John Bierhorst's The Mythology of South America, which is the second book in his "Gods and Heroes in the New World" triology, the last of which, The Mythology of Mexico and Central America I'm still in the middle of.

4. Which 5 books mean a lot to you?
This is going to be hard to pick ... how do you single out five books out of thousands? The list is also likely to change day-to-day, given my mood. Hmmm ... maybe making it "five books without which I wouldn't be who I am today" would be an easier task!
          4-a:   Wizard of the Four Winds by Douglas Sharon
          This is a book about my "root" Shamanic teacher, the late Don Eduardo Caledron.
          4-b:   EXIT by Robert DeGrimston
          I started my "training" with The Process, and this was one of their seminal books.
          4-c:   A New Model of the Universe by P.D. Ouspensky
          Of the "Fourth Way" material I've found Ouspensky more absorbable than Gurdjieff, but I picked this title more for the genre as a whole.
          4-d:   Magick In Theory And Practice by Aleister Crowley
          Again, perhaps other of A.C.'s books might have had more impact, but this was my intro to his path.
          4-e:   The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadeth by H.P. Lovecraft
          But one story in a collection of his, this haunted me through my early teens, no doubt deeply twisting my world!

5. Can you tag 5 more victims--er, interested bloggers?
Ah, this might be as hard as finding five books ... but for different reasons! (I will try to avoid folks that I think may have already been tagged)

Well, there you have it .. I wonder if any of the tagees here will take up the baton (or even read this posting).

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