BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Those silly eBayers ...

I am always amused/amazed by auctions that go OVER "retail" ... I was just taking a peek at some of those auctions I put "place holder" bids in on a couple of days back ... one of them struck me as particularly silly ... this auction (for an Expedition set Pichu holofoil) is currently, before shipping, at $7.49 ... while on this site the same card can be currently had for $5.40 retail!

Now, the bidders who have driven up this card are "new" (one, with a bot, has 0 points, while the lead bidder has only 6) and probably kids who believe that cards are "worth" what sites like this are asking! This is probably why a lot of sellers on eBay won't do business with somebody with under 20 points ... I'm sure there are a lot of deadbeats when "buyers remorse" sets in (or, as I saw in the comments on one transaction: "I didn't realize that I actualy had to BUY IT if I won the auction" ... geez)!

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