BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Damn ...

Arrrgh ... I totally forgot when all those auctions were ending and got back to the computer too late. When I'd last checked (about 3 hours out) I was still winning on 16 of the remaining 29 auctions I had bids in on. But each and every one got out-bid ... some by "silly" amounts (again, it always seems to be the "under 10 points" bidders who push the prices over "retail"). Most of the ones where there were only two bids were this one guy, so I guess he was going for "any" cards, and since I had only a very low bid (today it was $0.11 as my "placeholder") in, he could have been coming in for very little and still beat me out.

On refection (and looking at the bid patterns), I probably wouldn't have "saved" any of these even if I was hanging on them "live", as this guy (from the times that HE got out-bid) seemed to have been coming in with a starting bid that was well over what I was willing to fork out for any of these cards. Of course, he got quite a bargain in the ones he grabbed from me.

(Sigh) ... So much for worrying that I was going to win too many cards! Of the 32 cards I was "winning" (as outlined in my post a couple of days ago) I only actually picked up one. Bleh. One more thing to be cranky about!

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