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Still don't have my e-mail up on the new machine (or, for that matter, much else) so I've been sort of AFK ... I mean, I'm at the keyboard and all, but I have to go out to the dining room to "do mail". I don' t know why exactly this has kept me from communicating as usual via L.J., except for that I only find out about once a day if somebody has responded to something.

Every time I start to "get ready" to try to set up my e-mail here (I am the worst person for keeping track of stuff like passwords and connection details), something else crops up that needs to be done "now", so I keep waiting to get into this. I'm also having to use OpenOffice a lot since I still haven't gotten WordPerfect on this machine and there are just some things that MSWord won't do. Bleh. Oh, and I feel like crap ... while the past few days have been much cooler around here, there's something out that's making my sinuses feel like my head's going to explode.

Got a few notes to blither about regarding Pokemon/eBay but you don't care, do you?

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