BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

E-BAY ...

OK, so I've been doing a bunch of bidding on this one vendor's auctions. He starts stuff at a penny, so if I put in a "placeholder" bid, I am at least sure that I'll win if nobody else bids. That happened on one card today ... I went 1 for 18 today, and 1 for 23 yesterday (actually, there was another bid on that, but it was an exploritory bid less than my "placeholder"). I guess it's good that I've been making these pre-bids because I've not been able to be "live" to fight for the win at the end. Not that it would (over the past couple of days) have done me any good, as the folks who were "going over the top" of me were putting in bids several times my max for these cards.

Again (and this is what I was referring to in the last post), I'm amazed that folks will end up bidding well in excess of "available retail" on some of these cards. As it was, most of the things I was going for went for a substantial percentage of retail. I guess I'm just not willing to spend that much for a card! However, it has been explained to me that some folks will be happy to end up at half-off on an auction ... where I'd prefer to be in "dime on the dollar" territory if at all possible!

I did up-bid on some cards the other day, and have been kicking myself (over a net buck, no less) since. If I'm going to be paying sixty or seventy cents per card for shipping, I hope to keep the "price" well under a quarter (and, of course, preferably 1 cent!). I sometimes feel like congratulating myself for my "restraint" in not getting in a bidding war (not, as noted above, that it will do much good against some of these bidders), but deep down inside I know that it's just being cheap!

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