BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Fathers Day ...

I'm having something of a Fathers Weekend as I've been a bit scattered, depressed, and weighed down by too damn many need-to-do things all at once (also why I've been a bit MIA from LJ of late), so The Wife and The Girls decided I needed more TLC. Yesteday we went out to Amarit for a nice light Thai lunch, followed by a trip up to my favorite Indian buffet, Standard India, for dinner. This was the first time I'd been able to drag the whole family with, and while #1 only picked at some rice and Tandoori Chicken (at least until she discovered the Gulab Jamuns on the dessert table!), #2 rather enthusiastcally tucked into a wider variety of stuff. We made a sad discovery, though ... since The Girls were so excited by the Indian sweets, we were going to duck down Belmont to Moti Mahal (a restauant/shop that had a wide array of dessert goodies), only to find that it had closed. Now, I'd not eaten there in quite some time, but it's a place the I used to go to all the time 15-20 years ago, and it's sad that it's not there any more.

Anyway, The Girls had managed to keep my Fathers Day activity a secret from me, so I just found out this morning, while unwrapping presents, that we're going to "Tony & Tina's Wedding" this afternoon .... this is, of course, one of those "participatory" dinner theater things, where the "audience" are the wedding guests, with wedding, Italian buffet dinner, and reception dancing all part of the "show". I've never had a big desire to go to one of these, but have always had a bit of curiosity about them, so it should be interesting!

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