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woot ... or something along those lines

Well, after the festivities of the weekend, it was back to Life In Hell today. I woke up with a lovely mix of mild depression and seething self-hatred this morning, which was pretty much the sub-text for the day. I did, however, get a few key things done, which took some of the edge off, but there are still WAY too many things hanging over my head for me not to be as cranky as I have been.

Anyway, as you can tell from the icon, this is NOT a post about that stuff ... but about my Pokemon/eBay adventures!

I took The Girls up to Dojo this evening, and after feeding them and finding parking (The Wife having rented a car for some A.M. appointments), we got home pretty late. Daughter #1 had me pull together some cards from her "trading binder" for her to take in to "camp" with her. One of the kids in her group is as avid a Pokemon collector as she is, and they have been looking to make some trades. This took me a while, and everybody was in bed by the time I got done organizing the cards for her.

So, I come into my office and decide to "just take a peek" at eBay. How nice to stumble over a much-undervalued auction! I found an auction that was for 53 reverse holo cards from the newest Pokemon set (Emerald) that was closing in about 15 minutes. I quickly pulled out the "needs" list and saw that of the 53 cards, #1 didn't have 30 of them. As the reverse holos run anywhere from $2 to $8 a piece, I usually figure that I'm doing OK if I can get them (delivered) for fifty cents per, which gave me a "target" of around $15 for the set.

Having a ballpark figured in hand, I kept hitting "re-load" on the bid history page. I was, frankly, pretty sure that some of the "dealers" would swoop in on this at the last moment, so didn't want to "play my hand" too soon. When the count-down got under 2 minutes I hit, with a bid that would have come out to $15.01 with the shipping. This did not, unfotunately, put me in the lead, but it did reveal the high bid, so at that point I knew what I was going up against. So, I waited for it to hit thirty seconds and re-bid, with a bid that was just a penny over the minimum up-bid, which put me on top by fifty cents. I hit reload-reload-reload-reload just waiting for somebody to swoop in and bid on the "overall value" of the lot (I bid, of course, on our "needs" value), but nobody bid, and I won. While I did go seventy-five cents over my "target" I ended up getting 53 cards that on my "low reference retail" site would have been $175.00 ... putting my outlay at nine cents on the dollar ... such a deal!

I can't wait to tell Daugther #1 in the morning. Not only does this fill a huge part of the Emerald set, it also gives her 23 "hot cards" for trades!

Hey, at least one thing went right today!

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