BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

so much stuff ...

I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment.

I spent several hours today (I was going to be spending several more, but got called home) over at my Mom's place, trying to get things ready for the charity that is scheduled to come in on Tuesday and take away most of my Mom's stuff. Actually, right now next week is set up like this ... Tuesday, the charity comes in and takes out her clothes, the beds, chairs, and various other "stuff" ... on either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, my buddy from Madison is coming down to help me move furniture from there to either our place or to storage ... we need to get a truck for some of it, and we just found out that my building wants to charge us $150/hour to use the elevator, which is freaking me out because after moving most of the things around today I have my doubts that he and I can move all this stuff in an hour (heck, I have doubts that he and I will be able to move the livingroom rug, which is going to our place, at all) ... then on Friday my Brother and a guy he's bringing out from Boston are coming out to load a truck with the stuff they're going to be driving back east.

Originally, we were set up for closing on 7/1 (Friday), but it is looking like we're going to have that pushed back to 7/7 or 7/8 ... needless to say (given all the moving-heavy-shit issues), this is OK by me, since it gives me more time in case we have to actually hire movers to get some stuff out of there.

To further complicate matters, this Saturday is The Wife's 50th birthday, and her Dad and his wife just got into town, and Daughter #2 has come up with a 100° fever (which was the issue that got me called back home this afternoon, as The Wife figured it was not going to be a good idea to take #2 out with her to the store). I'm really upset about this, because of all the other stuff, I have barely had a chance to get anything together for her birthday. Fortunately, her "main gift" was a trip out to see her sister about a month ago ... but I've been having to scramble in free moments to pick stuff up so there will be some presents (nothing like a "useful things from Walgreens" 50th birthday).

I would have been under a bit less pressure the past week, except for getting out another 3,000 piece mailing for our Summer programs. Needless to say, we needed to have that out as soon as we could, and were already WAY behind on it due to the insanity around the list issue (see my rant about that here), which not only delayed getting the extra cards out a couple of weeks, but necessitated my making up stickers to change the copy, which I had to spend hours and hours applying to those 3k cards. I finished up the last of those over-night and got them in the mail today. Since the public schools here just officially got out last Friday, the timing is not too bad, since everybody on the list should have them by this weekend, only a week into summer vacation.

Also, due to her Dad coming in, The Wife went on a maniacal cleaning fit today ... which while in itself not being a bad thing, it resulted in a number of items that I cared about disappearing, and I'm afraid that may only be the tip of the iceberg. I "rescued" one item that I couldn't believe she was tossing (a thing we'd picked up on our honeymoon), but I later noticed that stuff I've had/used for 25 years had disappeared. Hell, things her grandfather had made got thrown out. Trust me, between the emotional stress I'm going through with my Mom's stuff and the issues I'm having with my family (see previous posts about my Brother's damned wife), I did not need to have this sort of shit going down over here.

I guess I'm half-numb/ half-anguished ... part of me just wants to curl up in a corner and whimper, part of me is willing to stare blankly and let the fucking world beat me to death, and the other parts of me are in a full-on panic attack about trying to get everything done (when what needs to get done looks to significantly exceed the hours available in whcih to get it done!).

I just hope that once we have the stuff out of my Mom's place, and have closed on the sale, that things will calm down. I know more chaos is coming here (since The Wife has opted for us to take the living room rug and much of the furniture, which will take a while to get settled), but it would be nice to just have a one-ring circus to deal with, rather than having to be in a three-direction panic all the time.

(sigh) Days like this make me really miss drinking, and yet I'm within a week of my 20th anniversary of quitting. Still, it sure would be nice just to make all these feelings go away ... the worst part of sobriety is having no refuge from the nightmare of living, no way to turn the world aside for a few sweet hours of oblivion!

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