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Well ... it's been quite a week.

I'm largely doing this post for "historical" purposes, so you might not want to bother with it (it's going to be long). I'm sticking it behind the cut so not to overload your Friends view.

So, the last major entry here was last Sunday. Hmmm.

Well, Monday was spent over at my Mom's place getting things ready for the charity to come pick up stuff. I had to duck out early from there to go get The Girls (at 3pm), and then hang with them while The Wife was off at an appointment, which she got back from just in time to let me get over to Daughter #1's school for the meeting of the Local School Council. As I've mentioned, I was a candidate for a "Parent" slot that was being vacated, and Monday night was going to be the meeting where they made the final determination on who was going to be getting the job. As I suspected, I didn't "win", with the gig going to a gal who had previously served on the LSC (thereby saving a few hundred bucks in training costs).

Tuesday was spent almost 100% at my Mom's place, with the folks from Cathedral Shelter coming to get the things we were getting rid of. I had been led to believe that they would pretty much take anything we had, but that (unfortunately) proved to not exactly be the case. As it was, they did take 3 beds and pretty much all of her clothes, all the excess kitchen stuff (10 boxes of it!), and various other items. They did not, however, take most of the chairs (they took two), or the big sleeper sofa from the den. I really don't "get" these charities not wanting to take furniture with any wear. I mean, come on, if it was NEW, would somebody be getting rid of it? The two big "comfy chairs" from my Mom's bedroom had minimal wear on the arms, and they still wouldn't take them. Heck, WE would have taken them if we had any place to put them!

It took them quite a long time to get stuff out, and they had to break off mid-way through to go to a staff meeting, so I ended up there pretty much all day, taking the time they were off to go collect my college buddy, Bob, who had come down from Madison to help me move stuff. The charity folks didn't end up getting done until well past 4pm, so Bob and I packed a few more things and then headed back over here. We all went out for Tapas at the always-popular Cafe Iberico ... although it's less popular with The Girls than with the rest of us.

On Wednesday, we ran up to U-Haul on Fullerton to rent a truck to get "our" stuff out. We ended up doing 3 trips. The first, in the morning, was a fairly easy shot with some furniture and rugs going over to the storage locker. The second was the "killer", as it involved moving four big sectional pieces of a sofa and two large chairs over to our building. We had an hour, from 1 to 2pm, at our place to get this done (at a charge of $125.00 for the elevator time!), so we had to plan that out accordingly. This went relatively smoothly, only complicated by the size of the sofas (requiring several attempts before we figured out the way to get them onto the elevators ... a swing-the-bottom-up maneuver which was no fun at all ... and us smashing a ceiling light fixture in our place before we realized that the sofas on-end were taller than those). We actually were "done" by about 1:45 but our truck was blocked in on the dock, so we didn't get back over to my Mom's place until about 2:15 ... and we needed to have the truck back by 3pm. We loaded on the "comfy chairs" and a shelving unit that the shelter didn't take, and made a mad dash up to the Salvation Army drop-off up on Clyborn. This worked because it's almost up to Fullerton, and there's a gas station at Clyborn & Fullerton, so we were able to load the truck, run up to the drop-off, unload the stuff, gas the truck, and get it back over to U-Haul by about 3:05pm.

Aside from schlepping this also ended up being a big week for eating. The Wife ran out and got Bob and me lunch on Wednesday from our local just-like-NYC deli, Ashkanaz, which was a treat, and on Wednesday night we all went over to Dave & Busters for dinner. We were very pleased to discover a new deal they have at Dave & Busters, which is a certain set of entrees that if you get them at $13.99 each you also get a $10.00 game card. Now, the entrees we got were all (at their normal menu prices) within a buck or two of that, so it meant that we got $30 worth of game cards (which The Girls happily burnt through) for only about $3 more than what we were likely to have spent on our meals anyway. I just love a deal!

I was surprised to find that my Brother (and one of his brothers-in-law from Boston) had gotten in a day early, getting in town on Wednesday night. This meant that on Thursday we had an extra pair of hands for getting stuff out. I ended up just barely snagging another U-Haul (I got a van that needed to be back on the lot by 2pm), so we were able to move the sofa out, along with some other items that we found that Salvation Army would take (I'm still looking for a home for a wheelchair and some walkers, though), as well as a couple of more things over to storage. It was also handy having them there, as when Bob and I ran the van back to U-Haul, they were able to get the badly trashed rug up from my Mom's room. They'd cut up the padding and gotten that into trash bags, and we were actually able to "deconstruct" the rug (it was a glorified "tube rug", albiet a 10'x10' square one) by cutting off the border and cutting it into strips (most of which where coming apart anyway), which could then be disposed of. That evening my Brother opted to take us out (yeah, the estate paid for it, I'm sure) for a Churrascaria dinner. We have three of these sorts of Argentinian/Brazillian steak houses downtown now, and we opted to try the second-newest, Sal y Carvao, because Fogo de Chao had a half-hour wait, and Sal y Carvao was the closest of the three. While delightfully excessive (these places have guys bringing 20 different meat items to the table on big skewers until you tell them not to), we didn't think that this was as good as Fogo de Chao, although we felt that it could have been from them being very empty that night, which could easily lead to over-done meats (which was our main gripe).

Friday morning my Brother and I went over to the real estate lawyer's office to get all the stuff set for the closing, which is now this Friday. I'm going to have to go solo on that, but I guess everything's set, so I'll just have to sign a few things. Things were nuts that morning since my Brother still didn't have a truck ... it seems that the regional office that he booked through was a major screw-up and they never got back to him on any of the details. We finally got things un-stuck by going through the Fullerton location (which I'd been dealing with), and they were able to confirm that he DID have a truck reserved and managed to get a hold of the location that he'd selected (that never answered their phones). As it was, they couldn't get the 17' truck they'd reserved, but were able to get a 14' unit which ended up being "just right" for what we were loading in there. We'd sent Bob back to Madison for a funeral he had to be at, so it was just the thee of us loading the truck. By Friday I was butt-dragging from a full week of heavy lifting, so I got the "organizing" assignment, staying down with the truck and getting everything set in it for a "best fit". The only real challenging piece was a dining-room unit we'd had forever, which has a thick slate top. Fortunately, we found that the slate came off, so were able to move the two separately (until I got them tied down in the truck). As I'd noted previously my Brother had been in a week or so back to load up all the stuff he and His Wife were going to take back to Boston, so all that was pretty much ready to go. Once we had all their stuff loaded in we added in the large livingroom rug. Now, The Wife had thought we might use this in our living room, but had been wavering on the concept, but it had to go somewhere, so once everything was ready to go for Boston, we tossed (not exactly the right word for a very heavy 12x12' rug!) that in on top of the other stuff and ran it over to the the storage loacker. I'd previously dropped off 2 other rugs we opted to keep there, but this one is quite the challenge in terms of organizing space in the locker (and creating a situation where it's almost impossible to get to anything else. Needless to say, I'm going to have to deal with that at some point.

Anyway, they took off, I dragged myself home, and have spent most of the weekend resting and getting caught up on stuff I'd not been able to get to last week.

I still have quite a bit of "final cleanup" to do over at my Mom's place in the next few days, but fortunately, Bob volunteered to come down again to help, and will be showing up tomorrow afternoon. I still need to deal with the crystal chandallier in the dining room and a very large and heavy mirror (that I thought my Brother was taking), but most of the stuff is just needing to be stuck in a box and either moved here, to storage or out.

We did celebrate the 4th a bit ... the Chicago Historical Society has been doing a big Fourth of July program for decades, and as it's just six or seven blocks away, we've sort of made it our tradition ... The Girls like it for the face-painting, and craft projects (as well as free flags and the "children's parade"), and we like it because of the reasonably-sized crowds that come out for it.

So ... that's pretty much it. I know that I'm forgetting some stuff, but maybe I'll edit in details when I remember them.

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