BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

almost done ...

Well, almost everything is out of my Mom's place ... I'm just glad we had the extra week (originally we were going to be closing last Friday, but the buyer put it off till this Friday), as it's been a grind. My buddy Bob came down from Madison again to help, and we had a full day of stuff yesterday, and a full day of stuff today.

Generally speaking, we started at the back of the apartment and worked forward, clearing out all the little bits and pieces that were left ... a shelf full of clothes that the charity neglected to take, an under-sink cabinet that nobody had gotten to previously, the last stuff up on the book shelves in the guest room, the closet with the last of her office stuff, etc., etc., etc.

We also had to address stuff like a very large antique mirror that I'd thought my brother was taking out east. We "walked" that (on a hand cart) over here this morning. The Wife also decided that we "might as well keep" the big crystal chandellier from the dining room, since we were pretty much out of ideas of what else to do with it. Fortunately, it was easier than we'd feared to get off the ceiling, but it ended up being WAY bigger than any available box. We ended up getting two large boxes and "melding" them into a 34"x34" box that would fit it. Again, many hours spent on the project.

We're down to the stuff remaining in the den, stuff remaining in the kitchen, and stuff remaining in the front hall closet. All that needs to go tomorrow, as the buyer is having a walk-through on Friday morning. At last at this point we could just throw the rest into a few large boxes and get it out of there, although I'm hoping to have a more organized approach than that.

One thing which was a hang-up was my Mom's wheelchair and walkers and canes ... none of the charities we contacted were interested, and the Rehabilitation Institute was only maybe interested in the wheelchair, and that with caveats. I had the bright idea of contacting Daughter #1's school to see if they'd be interested in having them for props for their theater program, and they were thrilled to take them! Bonus all around ... they're happy, it's out of my hair, and my Mom would be pleased to have them there with #1.

Anyway, last night we all went over to North Avenue Beach for dinner at the "boat" and tonight Bob and I are going up to Standard Indiia for the buffet. We've been spending a ton of cash on eating out during this process ... but I guess that goes with the territory.

So, by the end of the day tomorrow all my Mom's stuff will be gone from there. It already looks mighty empty. I'm feeling that way too.

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