BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

Couldn't sleep ... mind racing around "last minute panic" sorts of things ... on a logical basis I know that what remains to be done at my Mom's place will easily get done today, but from an emotional stance it's all freak-out about having just about 24 hours left. I mean, if we had to, we could set up the last 3 big boxes, dump everything remaining into those, and be out in about an hour. Bob and I are heading over there about 9am to pack up things, and then The Wife is getting a car (which she'll need for appointments later in the day and tomorrow) which we can use from noon to 3pm to run boxes to storage (which will save us a lot of time ... on foot it's a 45-minute round-trip, which should be cut down to about 15 minutes with a vehicle).

The last thing that I haven't gotten to, and right now it's looking like I might not, is sorting through the family pictures. At the moment they're in an assortment of boxes, bags, and briefcases (all thickly coated with soot-like dust from being in the storage area of my Mom's building for nearly 30 years), and I was wanting to get into the various caches to organize them ... but I'm thinking that today we'll just move the various things over to storage and "deal with them" some other day as a project independent of getting my Mom's place "done".

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