BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

on a happier note ...

I have an eye doctor appointment on Tuesday!

I thought that I had not been in to see him since M.T.C. closed (taking with it my comprehensive health insurance) back in 1993. However, according to their records (and the gal I talked to had been there forever and remembered me and my Mom), I'd been in there in 1999. I was supposed to be coming in every year due to being at risk for glaucoma (the downside to blue/grey eyes, the pigments tend to flake and block pressure-relieving ducts), but over the past decade it would have been pretty much 100% out-of-pocket, so I just dealt with my eyes changing.

However, my vision has changed so much that it is a daily hassle (I have to take off my glasses to sign anything, etc.) and I suspect that I'm heading for bifocal land ... which I assume will be better than having to constantly be taking off and putting on my glasses (or having them perched on the very end of my nose like at the moment which lets me read the itty-bitty type in the Semagic window!).

While I'm not thrilled about having to spend the money for new glasses, I am excited at the prospect of getting into a new prescription!

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