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Exhausted ...

Well, on Friday afternoon I had intended to take The Girls up to Dojo, schlepping along the bag with their Gi's and #1's sparring gear when I went to pick them up, but I was butt-dragging (the closing on my Mom's place ended up going several hours) and they were both whiney about trooping off for their classes, so I opted to just come back home. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get them to go tomorrow, as we ended up not being able to go to the Saturday classes due to #2 having a birthday party (that I had to take her to) in that slot. They're supposed to be going twice a week, but of late it's been very hard to get them there more than once out of the possible Friday/Saturday/Monday classes. I hope I can remember that I need to pick up some promo pass things for a couple of the moms from the birthday party, as they're very interested in having their kids try Degerberg as well.

I would have really liked to have pretty much just spent the weekend in bed, trying to catch up from the physical and emotional exhaustion of getting my Mom's place finished, but the reality of the upcoming window replacement hit me. We have just over a week (they're going to be doing ALL our windows on Tuesday 7/19) to get everything ready. Now, part of this is simply moving stuff 4 feet away from the windows, which in most cases is not going to be that bad a prosepct (mind you, it will be a colossal pain in the ass, but it's fairly straight forward), except in my office, where I not only have tons of stuff (that don't have any other place to go really) flush up to the windows, but I need to dig out more of a path so that they can even get to the windows! Now, I have been putting off sorting through boxes and stacks and piles of stuff in here for a decade, and I guess that's going to have to be what I'm spending most of my time on this upcoming week. Unfotunately, I just don't "have those filters" to effectively throw stuff out (I understand that this is another classic OCD symptom, the need to keep everything), so The Wife has promised to "help" me with that (she's from the other extreme, tending to throw everything out without considering its needfullness or utility). Of course, I'm expecting this to be HELL, as I have a lot of "issues" with losing "documentary/historical" stuff, and get anguished when forced to throw things away that I know will take all memory of their particulars and context with them. :-(

Anyway, one thing I realized that we ALSO needed to get done was taking down the various "window treatments" through the house. The living room and dining room have had vertical blinds that we've never much liked (the previous owners must have had a thing for making it dark in here), so I've been taking those down and tossing them. Unfortunately, we need the blinds on the east side to temper the very strong morning sun, so The Wife is wanting me to wait on thsoe until closer to the actual date ... ditto on the blinds in the bedroom, which she prefers to have down at night, so thus far I've just been able to get down the blinds and cutains on the north side of the livingroom, and in The Girls' two rooms.

At some point I'm going to have to get a mess of drop cloths and tape, as I understand that it gets VERY windy when they pull out the existing window units (which are pretty much ceiling-to-floor, and we're up on the 46th story here!), and I'm going to want to cover up as much as I can to avoid various bits and pieces of my stuff (that is normally just lying about) blowing out of the house! I'm still trying to figure out what parts I can do in advance (involving rooms that will be less-than-useable until the windows are done), and what I'll have to do in what order when in the days leading up to the 19th. Bleh.

I really, really wish I could get out of town for a bit of rest and re-centering once this is over, but we're already so caught up in getting ready for the NCLB stuff for the tutoring biz (and there are HUGE projects to get done ... like finding another 250 or so tutors!), that I doubt that I could even do a weekend. I suspect that things are going to be a non-stop panic through February at least ... and, needless to say, I have a lot of fear about just how badly things might go with that, which is making it hard for me to sleep, leading to more stress, which is NOT what I need right now!

Oh, and to top everything else off, I'm having to play Tooth Fairy tonight, with #2 losing her first tooth!

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