BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Went to the eye doctor ...

First let me say OUCH!!!! I was reminded why I'd avoided going in for so many years ... our little chat session cost me $360.00! I'm hoping that our insurance will pick up some of that (although we don't have "eye doctor visits" covered, his office files these as medical appointments related to possible glaucoma).

The good news is, that despite my only going in once over the past 12 years, that my pressure/flow are fine and there's no signs of any damage, so I lucked out on the glaucoma thing (he does still want me to come in annually, though). The bad news is BI-FOCALS. Yes, my new perscription is going to involve a little line across them. Bleh. I guess I will get used to the concept eventually. I'll probably take my scrip up to ForEyes tomorrow to see what my new glasses are going to cost me.

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