BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

been focusing on "doable" projects ...

I have so many HUGE projects, so many open-ended projects, so many Really Unpleasant To Contemplate projects sitting here that the past few days I've been concentrating on stuff that I can start, get done, and have over in a moderate period of time. So instead of "working", I've been doing a lot of "home" stuff. The fish are VERY happy about this, as I've had "clean the fish tank" on my to-do list for WAY too long ... it took 2 hours, but it's done. I designed a system for displaying Daughter #1's certificates and belts from the Dojo, and got the first one installed (she having just had her first belt promotion). I devised a way to keep this rice paper screen thing from falling over whenever somebody opens a window (it's location near the front door gets funky air currents) ... all it took was a hook latch sort of thing, with the ring part in the wall and the hook part on one end of the screen ... works like a charm ... don't even have to anchor the other side. Did phase 1 of fixing the shower doors in the middle bathroom ... the little block from the bottom broke, and nothing that I've tried to glue it with has stood up to the conditions of being in the shower ... I got some two-tube epoxy and hope that will work ... have that drying over-night, and will try to glue that in tomorrow morning before anybody gets ready to shower (it's supposed to set in 15 minutes). Fed the cat on time. Got two cases of books ready to ship ... one for a purchase order that's already a week old ... hey, I guess I did get some work done!

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