BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OUCH, again!

Yikes! I went to get my prescription filled for my new glasses. Now, I've been getting my glasses for ages from the same place, the ForEyes up on north Clark St., so it's not like I sauntered into some Michigan Avenue boutique for getting these, but ... yikes!

ForEyes is home to the "2 pair for $99" special (which, if I recall correctly, at one point was as cheap as 2/$59), so I'm used to that sort of pricing for my glasses. I suspected that my new bi-focals were going to cost more, but somewhere in the back of my head I was thinking "how much more could they be, another 50-60% or so?", and that thinking was sort of supported by the guy showing me the various frames which were marked with the typical pricing.

However, I was floored when they came up with the final (discounted even) price of just shy of $275.00! I doubt I paid a total of $275.00 for my last six pairs of glasses combined! It's making me sick to think that this little project of getting me to be able to see OK again is running (between the eye doctor and the glasses) over six hundred bucks. Man, that's depressing.

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