BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

eBay sellers ON DRUGS!

Wow ... just popped into eBay to see what Pokemon goodies might be had out there, and discovered the ONSLAUGHT OF CLUELESS NEWBIE SELLERS! Amazing. There were all these auctions up by 0 or 1 point eBayers which were insane, one guy was trying to get $15 for a single card that he was only vaguely describing, and another had a set of 11 cards, which were aparrantly holos from the early sets, whcih should go fo maybe a buck a piece (OK, they "retail" for more, but that's the going price on eBay for the early sets) and they were asking $110.00! Crazy. I keep seeing these "make big bucks on eBay" spam things, I wonder if this is coming from losers who've fallen for those sorts of scams.

There was one vendor who also must be smoking crack ... although he had over 1,000 points ... he was asking $5.00 shipping for ONE CARD. Now, I looked into his feedback, and I guess he primarily deals in comic books, so he probably just put in his usual shipping charge when he put these cards up, but really, how many people does he think will bid on a card that's "worth" less than what he's charging to ship it? You can put a card in a plastic sleeve, and into a hard-case top-loader, stick it into and envelope and use a regular stamp ... charging a buck to ship a single card is reasonable, charging five bucks is nuts. I guess it was all loonies tongiht.

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