BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Looking for music suggestions ...

I had a couple of Amazon gift certificates that I'd gotten from various family members over the past year or so that I'm tyring to use before they expire. Of course, the good and bad of an Amazon certificate is that you can get anything there and I end up like a deer in the headlights, unable to filter down to what I actually want. Well, I guess if they were for considerably more than they are I could get a digital SLR, but we're not talking those kind of bucks.

I had sort of been planning on using one of these to get some new software, but got "pleasantly" derailed from that in finding that I could get a OEM version of the current WordPerfect suite there for about $20 delivered, and that the version of MicroGrafx PicPublisher that I've been using (meaning that I must have the install disks for that here somewhere) seems to be the most recent release, so I have some money I can spend on music.

Bands that I really like are:
          Type O Negative
          Sisters of Mercy
          Electic Hellfire Club
          Marilyn Manson
          Joy Division
          Husker Du
          etc., etc., etc., etc.
What I'd like is suggestions for other things along those lines to check out. Unfortunately, it seems that one gets into a bit of a self-referential loop over on Amazon when following the "customers who bought titles by X also bought titles Y" links for these bands.

While there are several Dimmu Borgir albums that I'm probably going to get, and two re-released albums by Carnivore, maybe some Wumpscut, and possibly one import compilation from The Wake, I've been hard put to find stuff that I think I'll really like.

I don't want "Bealzebub with a throrat infection" Black/Death Metal (which is why I appreciate Pete Steele and Dimmu Borgir, you can actually hear the lyrics!), and I've been trying to steer clear of stuff that I've just "read about" because it's curently popular. Does anybody have any "sure things" for a post-hippy, post-punk, FogeyGoff headbanger?

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